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Drop Off Bible Lessons

Soldiers for Christ encourages you to still witness during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Many are too fearful to invite strangers into their homes, but you can still be a witness to them by dropping off these weekly Bible lessons.  These lessons have have very successful as they are dealing with current issues that the world is facing right now.  We recommend dropping off 1 lesson per week and taking questions from the previous lessons when you do the drop off.  In some cases, people will begin to feel comfortable enough to invite you into their home.  That is when the real friendship begins and you have opportunity lead that precious soul to Christ!

Lesson 1

"Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired"

Lesson 2

"Will God take care of you in a Crisis?"

Lesson 3

"The Love Test"

Lesson 4

"A different view of the Mark of the Beast"

Lesson 5

"What if the world was different?"

Lesson 6

"Fires in the Home"

Lesson 7

"What will you do when money fails?"

Lesson 8

"The Bat Virus"

Lesson 9

"Government Controlled Religion"

Lesson 10

"Is God a Racist?"

Lesson 11

"Will the Church have to face the Great Tribulation?"

Lesson 12

"What is going on in the mind of George Floyd?"

Lesson 13

"An Angry Nation"

Lesson 14

"Is Jesus was a US citizen, would He be Democrat or Republican?"

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